Metallic Decorations

Nowadays, weddings do not need to be overwhelming anymore. Brides and grooms take a step back and focus on wowing the guests with personal items instead of being big and bold.

The colours that go together with this softer approach are metallic colours, such as rose gold and copper. These can be used in different ways, which all have their own charm to it. Take a look!





Decorating with this copper gives a lot of possibilities, given that it is soft and blends easy with other colours. It can be used to highlight the metallic origin by using copper cutlery instead of often used silver. Outside it serves well as a vase for flowers, which gives an authentic outlook especially with tin cans. And of course it can be engaged in flower bouquets, it melts perfectly together with white, green and other favourite wedding colours.



When wanting to take it up a notch, you can let these colours shine through in bigger décor items. Because it blends so good together with white, you can simply tone your cake with metallic shimmering soft glam. Using pendant lights from the ceiling give the room a romantic atmosphere. Whereas one picture shows this in Moroccan style, the use of chandeliers is another style to do this.

Bild_7 Bild_8 Bild_9 Bild_10 Bild_11 Bild_12 Bild_13

Pictures: 1. Joey Kennedy Photography 2. Sheradee Hurst Photography 3. Elizabeth van der Bij from ENV Photography    4. via weddingchicks  5. Krstyn Hogan 6.Elizabeth van der Bij from ENV Photography  7. via Arabia Weddings   8. via Society Bride   9. via shop wild things

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