Weddingdresses: no simple ball gowns

Just as any other year, brides are overloaded with different styles to choose from. This year however wide open V-neck dresses dominate the runway all over. This differs from wide open to really wide open, but no less bridal nonetheless!





Other upcoming trends include the use of 3D floral printing to go on the dress, and the so called ‘two piece dress’ ; practical and perfect for spring weddings because of the ‘light summer-look’. It can be used to separate the two pieces but also to combine different styles.

Another practical and modern trend is no dress but pants ! And we love it, have a look.


We see more and more that brides want to look stunning, but be practical at the same time. This two piece outfit gives the bride the possibility to wear the top or skirt again without looking bridal.



Just like with the two piece dress, this outfit can be worn on days other than the big day. Pants or jumpsuits are just as beautifully feminine with the right pair of heels. We have not seen the last of this modern trend, so stay tuned and keep an eye on this!




Photo Credits: 1., 2. Luca Tombolini, 3. Alberto Maddaloni, 4. Courtesy of Carolina Herrera, 5. Alessandro Garofalo, 7. Alberto Maddaloni, 8. Luca Tombolini and Alberto Maddaloni, 9. Luca Tombolini 10., 11, Luca Tombolini

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